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Mission Statement

"To be a Positive Influence in the Lives of Others", helping them to "Build a better tomorrow Today."

Vision                                                                        Calm the Waters...

To help transform the global frequency to one that vibrates on a love level fostering a harmony that promotes wonderful possibilities and joyous realities for all who would partake.

 We assist organizations, institutions,  families and individuals to be more productive, more effective, more fulfilled.  Our  message and methodologies will surf the airwaves and supply the highways and byways with messages of peace, joy, calm, jubilance, opportunity, adventure, laughter and love. 

 Through Quantum Success Systems, MotiVision reaches across space and time to effect self-realization and inter-connection.  As an organization our intention is to naturally and systematically evolve with ease, grace, and love.  Courageously and collectively we are contagious life healers, success "revealers," revealing the vision of "One World, One Community.  Live Well Together".


MotiVision Inc. promotes success, happiness and community through keynote addresses, workshops, and media.  Through technology and print the world has access to insights and inspiration for generations to come while those in the moment can experience, live, the visions of things to come.  In short we help organizations and individuals "Live Well and Build Wealth."

Clif McKnight, M.Ed, your success coach, is a keynote speaker and President of MotiVision Inc. and Quantum Success Systems. He is also a Professor and Counselor at Montgomery College, Rockville Md.

In 1994-95 academic year, student leaders and the Office of Student Life, instituted an annual award in honor of Mr. McKnight. This award has been given to a faculty, staff or administrator who exhibits service to students above and beyond the call of duty. The award henceforth is called the "Clif McKnight Award".

Mr. McKnight received the 2000-2001,Outstanding Faculty Award from the MC School of Continuing Education and Workforce Development for his work with the Montgomery County Leadership Development Institute.

Clif also served as an educational consultant dedicated to assisting educators in the U.S. and Canada to help students succeed.  His interest in supporting students was fed when he himself was a student through the Upward Bound program, a Trio program in Baltimore City.  As life would have it, Clif later returned the favor as a Director of Talent Search, another Trio program.  Mr McKnight asserts that the interconnection of all things leads to wonderful opportunities to serve and be served.

 Clifton graduated from Morehouse College in Atlanta Ga., and went on to obtain his M.Ed. from Coppin State University.  Married to Michele McKnight for 30 plus years, Clifton and Michele have been blessed with two bright, talented, energetic and creative daughters, (they take after there father; okay they dipped into the collective gene pool [smile]) Courtney and Chelsea. 

 Clifton is a contributing author of STUDENT RETENTION, SUCCESS MODELS IN HIGHER EDUCATION and author of the recently released book, IF YOU CAN'T CALM THE WATERS, LEARN TO RIDE THE WAVES.
QSS presentations are designed to inspire audiences to crystallize their vision and pursue their passion. With over 25 years experience in educating and inspiring individuals and organizations Clifton A. McKnight offers depth of thinking and an array of strategies accompanied by a contagious, positive energy.                              


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