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Sampling of
Keynote and "ActionShop" Topics

*Quantum Success Systems - Building It

* A New Millennium a New Mix
* When You Can't Calm the Waters Learn to Ride the Waves

* Success Through Combined Effort - Power of Synergy

* Mining for Diamonds/Diving For Pearls

* Making It All Fit Life Management

* Magnetize Yourself for Success

* Paying For College

* Leverage Stress for Success

* Grow Your Hobby into a Company - Entrepreneurs guide

* Leadership - Vessel of the 21st Century

* Tapping Your Academic Talent

* Building Bridges - Human Diversity
* AAA Athletes Always Achieving

* Creating Wealth with Real Estate

* Chin Up or Beat Down?

* Maximizing Student Engagement in the Classroom

* Programming Yourself for Success

"If you can't calm the waters, learn to ride the waves" Clif McKnight

Customized Public ActionShops for specific needs are available where you are or where you want to be. See below for information. See for a current opportunity.

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Wealth in Education | Education in Wealth!


Wealth in Education

Long recognized as a key to better living, access to "Education" has been woefully limited. Insight as to the more "fruitful" orchards of education have been incredibly limited. The venue for learning has grown EXPONENTIALLY! Attend these sessions to discuss magnificent possibilities for providing and/or attaining education of the ages conveniently, cost effectively and practically!!

 Education in Wealth!

With sooooooo much access to education at hand and so much competition for our attention, how do we determine what is most important to us?  Moreover, once identified how do we focus on what WE know and feel is important to us?  Attend these sessions to invoke an education in WEALTH!  Wealth in Health, Finance, Relationship and Spirit .. whatever YOU BELIEVE is most important to YOU!  How much do you want it!?!

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